6 Affiliate Marketers, You Need to Follow

If you want to create money online then you may know that online affiliate promotion is the best way to do it. You could earn a lot of money with affiliate advertising however it’s by far the most difficult method to do it. Just a few marketers are successful in making money with affiliate advertising. Others fail because they do not have any clue how to do it.

It requires years of experience to learn every trick of the transaction. Following below mentioned 6 affiliate entrepreneurs have made their fortune in this business.

One should know that they haven’t completed this overnight But it required years of learning and experimenting with new things. They invested time and money to achieve there.

These are 6  affiliate marketers that you should follow In the event you wish to be a successful affiliate marketer.

1. Pat Flynn

My first choice is Pat Flynn. He’s my number one affiliate marketer present online. He started his online company in the year 2008 after he had been laid off from his job.

He worked tirelessly on his website for one and a half decades and his Initial income through affiliate marketing and alternative stations was around $8000. Then he took his earnings from $8000 in Nov 2008 to more than $50,000 in 2013.

Pat Flynn continues to be a phenomenal success in Regards to affiliate advertising. The best part is transparency because he’s quite open about what he’s doing and he has given complete detail of his monthly income because of 2008 for this date.

Although his income comes in various channel, but 80% of the earnings is from affiliate marketing. I suggest you to stop by his website and read more about his journey and achievement in the area.

Few of the websites are





Last Month Income: $53,000+

2. John Chow

John Chow is the next affiliate marketer in our countdown list. Many believe him a radical figure in regards to affiliate marketing. Exactly like Pat Flynn, John Chow has been able to carry his own online business to a whole new level in only two to three decades.

John Chow started from nothing and his estimated Monthly income is well over $50,000. He claims that he operates only for two hours per day and earn this much sum of money. You might not like to believe about his working hours however the income he produces monthly is very true.

His site, JohnChow.com has over 200,000 monthly visitors. He’s also the number one website entrepreneur at the list of top 50 Canadian Internet Marketing Blogs.

As a new marketer, you can read his sites and discover how he uses his mind to make such an amount of money.

Main website: https://www.johnchow.com/

Estimated yearly earnings: $40,000 to $50,000

3. Jeremy Schoemaker

Well! I don’t think this man requires some introduction. Jeremy Schoemaker is a well-known figure on the internet because of the most viewed image holding a Google Adsense check of worth $132,000+.

So everybody knows about him which he’s made luck in affiliate advertising. According to a quote he has made tens of thousands of dollars using affiliate marketing.

In 2003, he started his blog shoemoney.com and turned the things around. If he was 28 years old he was running into a debt of $50,000 and an intense overweight problem. But after launch his blog ShoeMoney.com he was able to earn more income in only 1 month compared to his entire life.

In 2007 together with his partner, Jeremy launched Auction Ads and eBay affiliate marketing services. His website has a faithful readership of 30,000 individuals and it ranks top 50 affiliate advertising sites in the Technorati list.

Main website: www.shoemoney.com

4. Neil Patel

My fourth choice is Neil Patel. Even though Neil Patel isn’t just an affiliate marketer however he is shut to it.

He has emerged as a most successful entrepreneur at a very young age.

Neil made his first firm Crazy Egg. He wanted to market the company for $10 million but nobody was ready to pay for it. He tried his best to market Crazy Eggs to Venture capitalist but nobody was interested. Finally, they tried to make this business profitable.

Finally, mad egg succeeded but Neil wanted to start Another organization and he failed it. He named his new company called KISSmetrics, a company that’s similar to Google Analytics. Neil spends his time to create KISSMetrics a 100 million dollar business in the next few years.

His main websites are:




Estimated Worth of the businesses: $5 million to $10 million

5. Affiliate Summit

Affiliate Summit is a software that helps new affiliate marketers to learn about affiliate marketing. Affiliate Summit was founded by Missy Ward and Shawn Collins from the year 2003.

They organize seminars, workshops, and events for new affiliate marketers.

A new affiliate marketer could get a link to his website after attending the seminar. Online summit has grown substantially and it is the number one educational tutorial found online for brand new entrepreneurs.

If you are a serious affiliate marketer and want to learn from experts afterward you could join affiliate seminar.

Main site: Affiliatesummit.com

6. Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is not an unknown name in Regards to blogging. You might ask what blogging has to do with affiliate marketing. Well! A blogger might be a great affiliate marketer too like Darren Rowse.

Darren started blogging in the year 2002. However his chief Blog problogger.com was launched in the entire year of 2004. Problogger contains over 7000 posts and tutorials. In the year 2008, he wrote a book version of his website for Wiley books.

In the year 2009, he published his eBook 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Workbook and it turned out to be an enormous success. He’s also released novels like Copywriting Scoreboard for Bloggers, ProBlogger’s Guide to Your First Week of Blogging, etc..

Darren Rowse has made his fortune selling his own eBooks to Online traffic.

His blog probloggers.com receives over 30,000 visitors Per day.

Few of the websites are:



Estimated Earnings: $40,000 to $45,000 per month

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